Inspired by the concepts of a ‘Fringe Festival’ – SimFringe is an opportunity for the entire Australasian Simulation Congress (ASC) community to come together, share ideas, network and learn in new and different ways. Not set by the boundaries of a specific simulation sector, SimFringe offers a variety of activities where all ASC attendees can share ideas and be themselves. SimFringe experiences will inspire you to expand your simulation horizons, meet new people and think outside the box…

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What activities can I attend/participate in?  (click on each category below to find out more)

  • The Lounge
  • Speed Networking
  • FringeEx
  • ASC Scavenger Hunt
  • ASC After Party

The Lounge

Where ideas are shared.

All ASC attendees are invited to come and share ideas in “The Lounge”. As part of the Exhibition Hall, The Lounge is a place where ASC attendees can meet others, share ideas and discuss the future of simulation, modelling and gaming.

Watch out for the ‘Wanted’ board for future simulation leaders to find mentoring programs available within simulation and modelling.

Check back here to find out what will be happening in The Lounge. Something different will be planned for every day!

The Lounge – What’s Happening

Tuesday 29

Wednesday 30

Thursday 31

Morning Tea
Getting to know you – ASC First Timers
Liz McNeill/Assorted
Women in Simulation – a Community of Practice?
 Jessica Stokes-Parish
Social media sharing – what sites/people do you follow?
Ben Symons
Virtual Reality
Emre Deniz from Opaque Space
Freestyle networking Serious game in Health: connections start with conversations
Prof Patrea Andersen
Afternoon Tea
Simulation Australasia
meet and greet
Melanie Worrall and Simulation Australasia Board
Connect with PD committee Simulation Australasia
Melanie Worrall
Freestyle networking 


Tuesday 29

Morning Tea

Getting to know you – ASC First Timers are invited to the lounge to connect with people from all streams, meet/create your scavenger game hunt team, plan your conference time.

Our goal is to welcome to new delegates, help orientate people to area promotion of scavenger game and other fringe events, encourage use of tweeting during and after the conference.


Virtual Reality with Emre Deniz from Opaque Space – bring your lunch as you are invited to see what has, and can be done with virtual reality. Our future reality is changing and this is an opportunity to get close and talk about how it’s done.

Our goal is to showcase the serious games and technology, talk about areas it is being used, start connections between delegates, and explain background requirements/skills for making games.

Afternoon Tea

Simulation Australasia meet and greet – Melanie Worrall (PD Committee) and the SimAust Board invites both new and existing members to come and have a cup of coffee/tea and a chat.

Our goal –is to welcome SimAust members, discuss benefits and opportunities of different levels of memberships


Wednesday 30

Morning Tea

Women in Simulation – a Community of Practice? – Jessica Stokes-Parish invites women in simulation for a cup of coffee/tea and conversation around starting a community of practice incorporating all streams of the Congress.

Our goal is to initiate a women in simulation CoP by creating a contact list to continue the conversation after the conference to share issues that need addressing in the different areas of simulation


Freestyle Networking – you are invited to have your lunch in the lounge and share what you are doing with other delegates and learn what other people are doing.

Our goal is to encourage people to share reflections on presentations already seen and learn what other delegates are doing in a relaxed, casual area whilst eating lunch.


Afternoon Tea

Connect with Professional Development (PD) committee Simulation Australasia – Melanie Worrall invites members to discuss your PD requirements with members of the PD committee who are looking for ways to provide value for our members. If you have any ideas on training or if you are interested in designing or facilitating training this is a great chance to meet with members of the PD Committee.

Our goal is to share current resources and discuss how to enhance the future PD needs of our members.

Thursday 31

Morning Tea

Social media sharing – what sites/people do you follow? – Ben Symons invites you to come and share some of the social media sites/people you have follow and find entertaining, relevant and educational. We can help you with your first tweet too!

Our goal is to help people connect on social media be it twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Researchgate and other platforms. International collaboration is made easier with social media.


Serious game in Health: connections start with conversations – Prof Patrea Andersen invites you to bring your lunch and join the conversation about how to create and use serious gaming in health. We all have different technical, coding, writing, content and educational skills to share so come and share yours!

Our goal is to discuss what is needed to create serious games in health by understanding what people do and what stages you need to go through by connecting people with different skill sets.

Afternoon Tea

Freestyle networking – you are invited to use the lounge as you digest the information from the past 3 days, swap contact details or just to enjoy the lounge.

Speed Networking

Networking to the Max! Come join us during the ASC Welcome Reception for some fast-paced, energetic and exceptional speed networking.

You’ll get the opportunity to meet other delegates, exhibitors, keynote speakers and Simulation Australasia committee members to discuss ‘all things sim’ in a matter of minutes. Meet others that you may not have had the opportunity to meet yet and find out more about other Congress attendees!

A fun, lively activity that allows everyone to get to know each without the awkward silence.

Date: Tuesday 29 August
Time: 1700-1800 (during the Welcome Reception)
Where: near “The Lounge” in the Exhibition Hall
What to do: Just show up! There will be posters pointing you to the location and we’ll announce its commencement shortly after all formalities. Come join us in The Lounge if you’re lost and needing directions.


Leading for the future with creative, experimental, edgy and unusual ideas in simulation.

We don’t deny the importance of scientific measure and rigour in modelling and simulation; it’s just that sometimes you need to push the boundaries in order to meet the needs of your audience. The ASC FringeEx sessions are an opportunity to experience ideas and developments without the usual academic constraints of presentation in a set methods-results format.

In the FringeEx sessions, you will hear about new and creative ideas in modelling and simulation that are ‘outside the box’ – using creative, experimental and edgy concepts to deliver simulation that meets the needs of any audience.

For details regarding submitting an idea for a FringeEx session, see the Call for Submissions document on the Submissions page.

Date: Thursday 31 Aug
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Where: Pyrmont Theatre

ASC Scavenger Hunt


Everyone loves a good puzzle and scavenger hunt so we have combined them! Experience the ASC working with your fellow attendees. Groups of four will need to collect clues and information and find out the Who, Where, When and Why of the puzzle.

Each day, you will have the opportunity to search for clues with the first team to post all four correct answers wining $100 off their next Australasian Simulation Congress registration.

Each morning of the ASC, clues and directions for the day will be posted onto the ASC App and Twitter – using the hashtags #SimCongress #ASCScavengerHunt

Watch the plenary and start up slides too as clues will be hidden in plain sight.

Date: Tuesday 29 – Thursday 31 August
Time: 0830-1500

Winner announced in final plenary session Thursday.

ASC After Party

Staying in Sydney one more night? Not leaving straight after the Congress? Come join us at the #ASCAfterParty. Keep the ASC going with other Congress attendees. Reminisce on the best ASC memories and plan for the next ASC!

Date: Thursday 31 August
Time: 1630 onwards
Cost: Cash Bar
Where: Announced at the ASC closing session