Fringe 30

What is Fringe 30?

Leading for the future with creative, experimental, edgy and unusual ideas in simulation.

We don’t deny the importance of scientific measure and rigor in modelling and simulation; it’s just that sometimes you need to push the boundaries in order to meet the needs of your audience. The ASC Fringe 30 is an opportunity to share your ideas and developments to a wide audience without the usual academic constraints of presenting it in a set methods-results format.

In the Fringe 30 sessions you will hear about new and creative ideas in modelling and simulation that are ‘outside the box’ – using creative, experimental and edgy concepts to deliver simulation that meets the needs of any audience.

Expressions of Interest for Fringe 30

The ASC organising committee is looking for ideas in simulation delivery, technology and/or education that may not fit into the usual ‘scientific categories’ of simulation education and technologies – but have been developed to meet the needs of users and beneficiaries.

Presentations might include (but are not limited to):
  • A quirky method or tool that enhances the simulation user experience (think moulage, apps, etc)
  • Artistic and creative interpretations of simulation to meet learner needs
  • Incorporating new ideas from other disciplines/subjects to enhance your simulation in new and unseen ways (i.e. exaptation or cross-cutting)
  • Enhancing interoperability between concurrent running simulations
  • New ideas for methods and technology that are a work in progress or have never been used before in simulation or modelling
  • Use of modelling or simulation methods and tools in new disciplines or communities (think sports or other industries)

All ideas and topics are welcome to apply. No idea is of off limits, nothing is too unusual, the edgier the better! You’ll have roughly 8 minutes to present your ‘Fringe’ in a pre-programmed time slot in any format you like. Presentation, arts, demonstrations, interpretive dance (maybe not!) …your imagination is the limit!

What to Do

In 100 words or less, please submit your Fringe 30 idea and how it is being used in modelling or simulation (including title, aim and proposed method of delivery). Email your submission to by Wednesday 20 July 2016. In your submission, please include your name and organisation (not included in your 100 words).