Serious Games Showcase & Challenge – Australasia (SGSCA)

Simulation Australasia, in association with the International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, annually presents the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Australasia) at the Australasian Simulation Congress.

“The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge allows us to see the diversity of the region’s games and simulation community, working together to solve real life problems in an entertaining, innovative and informative way.”  Adrian Webb, Manager of Virtual Worlds, Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC).

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Australasia) (SGSCA) gives developers and students in our region a chance to promote their talent on a national and international stage while being at the forefront of a growing market. Serious games have one key aspect which drives their success – to impart knowledge while engaging the participant. Serious games can highlight issues, improve education or explain/solve complex problems. These games communicate often difficult subjects through a unique medium in a way that is compelling, while creating awareness.

The Australasian round of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge was launched in 2012 to highlight the talent from our region. It was the first time that the competition was run outside of the United States, as a regional qualifier for the annual I/ITSEC International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge event in Orlando, Florida. Today, it continues to introduce Australasian talent to the world stage.

Each year, there are two prize categories for the SGSCA:

  • Student/Indie (representing a company earning under $100,000, or a student)
  • Government/Industry (representing a company earning over $100,000)

The SGSCA provides a fantastic opportunity for global exposure among the simulation and IT communities, including many Forbes 500 companies. The winner from each category is automatically awarded an entry, and funding assistance, to showcase their submission at the finals of the International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Competition held at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida, courtesy of Simulation Australasia.

For the purpose of the SGSCA, entries will be considered serious games if they utilise gaming attributes to overcome a designated problem or inform about a particular topic or deficiency. It would be ideal if games were built through collaboration with an expert agency from any field where a problem or deficiency has been identified and needs to be addressed.

Finalists are selected by a panel of leaders in the gaming, simulation and academic fields relevant to your game’s focus. Finalists will are invited to showcase their games at the annual Australasian Simulation Congress, with exposure on the exhibition floor alongside national and international simulation companies as well as engagement throughout the Congress. Winners are then announced from the finalists as part of the Simulation Australasia Annual Awards Dinner held during the Congress.

All entries are judged and rated according to the following fields:

  • Solution to a Stated Problem
  • Technical Quality
  • Gameplay
  • Innovation
  • Interaction and Feedback to the Player

Key Dates

  • 2017 SGSCA Submissions Open – tbc – expected April 2017
  • 2017 SGSCA Submissions Close – tbc – expected June 2017
  • 2017 SGSCA Finalists Notified – tbc – expected July 2017


Registration and submission details for SGSCA 2017  entry will be available in early 2017.

For reference, see below for the SGSCA 2016 Brochure, Submission Template and Terms & Conditions