Special Session – NATO Simulation Standardisation Initiatives


NATO has a wide range of initiatives aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of simulation in training and experimentation. This session will provide an overview of a number of these initiatives. The session will include an overview of the work of NATO MSG-145.

Command and Control to Simulation (C2SIM) interoperability standardisation efforts have been undertaken for over a decade within the NATO Science and Technology Organization. Military organisations need C2Sim to enhance interoperability and enhance command post forces readiness. NATO has established a study group (MSG-145) to operationalise C2SIM interoperability standards and technologies. This session will provide an overview of the status of the work being done by the group, highlighting the challenges to be dealt with in achieving practical and efficient C2Sim interoperability and the solutions being developed to address these challenges.

Additional topics addressed will include the development of a Generic Scenario Definition Standard.

Monday 28 August 2017
1315 - 1700
Please note that no lunch will be provided prior to this Master Class


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