SimTecT 2016 Commitee

Nicole Jones de Rooy


Nicole Jones de Rooy is a medical engineer and simulation professional educator with 15 years’ experience in project development and management. She has worked across sectors including university, public service and private enterprise. Her skills range from hands-on technology and infrastructure design, through to business development, stakeholder engagement, organisational change, policy improvement and academic research. In the last five years, Nicole has presented or published over thirty pieces of academic and professional work promoting technical innovation and program design in medical and transport simulation.

Nicole first developed her passion for modelling and simulation as an undergraduate at the Queensland University of Technology, where she designed a prototype to improve safety for endovascular therapy as her final year project. Her knowledge of modelling and simulation has grown along with the field itself in the intervening years, and she has acquired extensive experience by leading simulation projects, conducting live simulation, designing simulation task trainers, constructing online simulation equipment libraries. She is now advancing this know how into the field of organisational systems through a PhD at the Australian National University with links to Griffith University as a visiting researcher, investigating decision support in the clinical environment.

Nicole volunteers her time continually to promote modelling and simulation in the wider community, and founded and established Simulation Week for Simulation Australasia. She curates a website on sim-decisions and the evolving simulation workforce at

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