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Mark Pesce

Futurist, Inventor, Author, Educator, Broadcaster

Mark Pesce is an inventor, author, educator, broadcaster and entrepreneur.

In 1991, Pesce founded Ono-Sendai Corporation, the world’s first consumer Virtual Reality startup, inventing a orientation sensor (US Patent 5,526,022) for low-cost Virtual Reality applications, adopted by Sega Corporation for their Virtua VR head-mounted display.

In 1994, Pesce co-invented Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), the first standard for interactive 3D graphics on the World Wide Web. In the years that followed, Pesce oversaw the VRML Architecture Group, a consortium of industry and academic stakeholders furthering VRML standards development.

In 1995, Pesce wrote the international bestseller “VRML: Browsing and Building Cyberspace”, and, in the years following, has written four more: “VRML: Flying Through the Web”; “The Playful World: How Technology is Transforming Our Imagination”; “Hyperpolitics”; and “The Next Billion Seconds”.

In 1996, Pesce founded BlitCom, the first company to use VRML to deliver streaming 3D entertainment over the Web.

In 1998, Pesce was invited to found the Graduate Program in Interactive Media at the University of Southern California’s world-famous School of Cinema-Television, where he taught the next generation of creative professionals how to master emerging technologies for storytelling.

In 2003, Pesce was invited to Sydney to establish the postgraduate Program in Interactive and Emerging Media at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, and continues to work with undergraduate and postgraduate students through his Honorary Appointment in the Digital Cultures Program at the University of Sydney.

In 2005, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) invited Pesce to become a panelist and judge on “The New Inventors”, a hit television series celebrating Australian ingenuity. For seven years, Pesce was a weekly guest in the nation’s households, and has become a familiar broadcasting personality, frequently invited to comment on current issues for ABC News 24, ABC Local Radio, Radio National, Channel TEN’s “The Project”, and Radio NZ’s “Nine To Noon”. Pesce currently hosts “This Week in Startups Australia”, the nation’s leading tech podcast.

An engaging, perceptive and sought-after public speaker, Pesce gives scores of talks every year around the world. His unique blend of storytelling and clear, concise explanations empowers audiences, leaving them equipped to understand and interpret the transformations of the connected world.

In 2006, Pesce opened the doors on a consultancy dedicated to helping clients identify, and benefit from, the opportunities of a connected era. Clients have included Lonely Planet, Amnesty International, Westpac, and Ford Motor Company.

In 2012, Pesce was invited to consult for the international banking union, SWIFT, helping them understand the implications of the now billions of smartphone-wielding people, leading continuing work with both the World Bank and the G20 through their Global Project for Financial Inclusion.

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