Confirmed Speakers

Dr Mike Gernhardt

Manager, Environmental Physiology Laboratory, Johnson Space Center

Dr Gernhardt is a Biomedical Engineer and Manager of  Environmental Physiology Laboratory and Principle Investigator of Prebreathe Reduction Program, Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, USA.

Mike has logged over 43 days in space, including 4 spacewalks, and was commander of one of the NEEMO missions.  Prior to his time with NASA, was a professional diver, where he logged over 700 deep sea dives. He was heavily involved in the professional diving industry, and developed a new theoretical decompression model –  “Bubble Dynamics” for his PhD. After his many years in the commercial diving field, Mike worked to transfer his knowledge to the space program through the formation of a division of Oceaneering International called Oceaneering Space Systems.

Mike has been awarded NASA Space Flight Medals, NASA Exceptional Service medals, an Exceptional Achievement medal and a Distinguished Service medal.

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