Call for Abstracts – CLOSED

Outcome notified early June 2023


The Australasian Simulation Congress 2023, being held from 21 to 24 August 2023 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, will once again bring together the SimHealth, SimTecT and Serious Games streams, along with opportunities for a number of joint sessions of mutual interest. However, we are also delighted to partner this year with the Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA) and the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) to deliver an integrated transdisciplinary event bringing together systems thinking, modelling and simulation and test and evaluation (T&E) as foundational enablers to contemporary societal challenges. We are delighted to partner with the Systems Engineering Society of Australia in a special simulation test and evaluation stream. The ASC congresses have provided a forum for international research, academic innovation and industry communities in Modelling and Simulation and Training for over two decades, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. SESA and ITEA have run similar conferences over the same time period and for 2023, will combine their efforts into ASC 2023.

The ASC 2023 will extend that richness further through a transdisciplinary and integrative approach to the use of modelling and simulation to deal efficiently and effectively with contemporary societal challenges. The program will feature keynote speeches, full paper and paperless oral and poster presentations, as well as masterclasses/tutorials, special interest panels and workshops delivered by leading experts in their respective fields.

About the 2023 theme

The ASC 2023 theme, ‘Life between reality and simulation‘, reflects the practical considerations for bringing simulations to life: budgets, diversity and inclusion, ethics, innovation and purposeful holistic approaches. Practitioners are increasingly called on to juggle operational realities in an environmental context of increasing socio-technical complexity with ongoing skills and workforce shortages exacerbated by a global pandemic, increasingly frequent natural disasters and a shifting geo-political balance. Modelling and simulation, and system approaches are foundational transdisciplinary enablers to innovations that span the scope of emerging technologies as well as creating new ways of working together.

In 2023, we continue the rich ASC history of knowledge sharing and collaboration. We invite the submission of abstracts from across domains and sectors and strongly encourage work which addresses the conference theme of life between reality and simulation. Traditional spheres include:

  • SimHealth (health industry-based training and simulation – practitioners, developers, researchers),
  • SimTecT (government, defence, aviation, policing/law enforcement, transportation training and simulation practitioners, developers, researchers) and
  • Serious Games (deployment of games technologies and concepts to fields other than entertainment).

Contributions are invited that support the ASC 2023 theme and advance the theory or practice of any aspect of the following topics:

  • Modelling and decision support systems
  • Educational developments (curriculum and techniques)
  • Certification/accreditation, policy and quality Initiatives
  • Human dimensions in simulation
  • Personal skills and competencies
  • Creative and cultural applications
  • Serious games & gaming concepts
  • Technology Innovations (developments or new uses)
  • Systems engineering concepts (e.g., MBSE, Digital Engineering)
  • Test and Evaluation concepts
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems.

We invite submissions that explore these topics with regards to the ASC theme, particulary in relation to:

  • International collaborations in a shifting landscape
    • Complexity and beyond as a new normal
    • Technical collaboration and interoperability
    • COVID-19 responses and management
  • Balancing the books:
    • Affordability, accessibility and accountability
    • Economics of simulation
    • A whole-of-life view to capability (acquisition, sustainment, resilience)
  • Ethical considerations for simulation
    • Diversity
    • Reliability and repeatability
    • Practical considerations
    • Tensions for transparency and spanning boundaries
    • Deontological considerations
    • Standards v complexity.

We also hope to provide the option to expand abstracts into short papers/extended abstracts, with potential to publish selected papers in special issues or a conference proceedings book associated with the conference.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions must be no longer than 300 words (space not included).
  • Title must be no longer than 15 words.
  • Please disclose any conflicts of interest.
  • Please indicate if you do not wish for your abstract and/or final presentation slides or recording to be shared with delegates post-event.
  • Please state your preferred mode of presentation by selecting the relevant options when submitting. Please note that presentation preferences are not guaranteed for modes offered.
  • All submissions must be submitted via the portal, Currinda. If you do not already have a Currinda account, you must create one in order to submit an abstract.
  • Deadline: Extended until 11.59PM AEDT, Friday, 31 March 2023.